Do you think children under 10 should have VR?

VR is all the rage now, from rollercoasters to horror and it can be use on some social media platforms using your mobile.Kids under 12 should’nt use VR. Playstation have stated that VR headsets are only designed for 12yrs and over. Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR headsets are recommended for ages 13+.

The study by Stanford researchers, which includes a survey of 3,600 parents with at least one child under 18, examines the potential impacts — both good and bad — the technology can have on children. It found that parents are generally apprehensive about the virtual reality, especially given that there’s been little research conducted on VR and child users.

Children Under 7yrs vision is not fully formed so altering the vision process of a child for a long time can create permanent issues. It also causes motion sickness under the age of 13yrs.

VR hasn’t been in the mainstream for that long so long term effect on children are not yet established.

So as a parent investigate and research before letting your child use a VR Heasdset.

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